Here at LVF, we believe in giving new life to older pieces. There is something uniquely satisfying and about collecting furniture and decor items with a history and story behind them. Not to mention, it's economically and environmentally friendly, too! 
Which is why we are excited to offer local Houston consignment services for your vintage and antique furniture and decor pieces! While an item might no longer serve your design or functionality goals, it might be exactly what someone else is looking for. 
Lily will select consignment items with the same level of careful curation she adheres to while sourcing her usual finds. 

How it works 

If you are interested in consigning with us, send an email to with the subject "CONSIGN." Please include photos and any relevant information you have about the piece. 

We will let you know if we are interested in the piece/pieces and contact you shortly. 

Why Consign With Us 

Because Lily is so selective with the pieces she chooses to sell, she has an extremely high inventory turnover rate. Her social media savvy and knack for styling help to sell vintage and antique pieces across the United States. 


Unlike more traditional consignment stores, we are an e-commerce based business, and we work with a network of shippers throughout the country. The size of our audience and LVF's reach is much larger than many other consignment stores. 

Not to mention, we truly treasure these special pieces and do our best to convey the history behind each find. We want the next person who owns this piece to recognize the importance of its age, story, and charm!