About Us

Lily Barfield sources vintage and antique finds from both the far and familiar. From the South of France to Southern Flea Markets, she selects timeless antiques and unique decor items that add a warm, storied feel to the spaces they grace. Lily focuses on pieces that are just as functional as they are beautiful, ensuring their staying power for generations to come. 

Lily’s love of antiques and found objects was almost inevitable. She spent many humid Saturday mornings in Louisiana exploring estate sales and antique stores with her mother. They never hesitated to venture off the beaten path to unearth something beautiful while chatting up everyone along the way. The story behind each piece and the journey, Lily learned, were just as important as the finds.

Lily graduated from Louisiana State University and moved to Houston, Texas with her husband Thomas. There she worked for local artist, Reagan Corbett, and then an antique and home decor store. In her free time, Lily expanded on the tradition her mother began. What started as a casual jaunt to an estate sale turned into a full-fledged obsession for Lily. She spent all of her free time in thrift stores, antique malls, flea markets and estate sales trying to uncover a diamond in the rough. She became passionate about creating spaces where each piece tells a story, a place that is both aesthetically beautiful and rich with memories. 

She began Lily’s Vintage Finds as a way to showcase and sell her treasures, and it quickly grew into a full-time business. Throughout the business’ swift growth, her goal has remained the same: to bring timelessly beautiful pieces into the next generation in a way that feels fresh and approachable. Lily releases new finds on her website weekly and shares her adventures on Instagram at @lilysvintagefinds.