Kusak Crystal


      About the LVF x Kusak Collaboration

      LVF is extremely honored to offer you the opportunity to purchase hand-engraved and hand-made crystal from the historic  Kusak Cut Glass Works company! 
      The story of Kusak Cut Glass works began in a small village in the Austro-Hungarian province of Moravia over 100 years ago. Anton Kusak began studying the art of crystal engraving in Moravia when he was just a child. He immigrated to the United States when he was 20 years old with just $12 to his name. After engraving crystal at Fostoria Glass Works, Anton eventually started his own company in Seattle called Kusak Cut Glass Works. The company sustained three generations of Kusaks and survived World Wars, The Great Depression and other political and economic upheavals. The type of crystal engraving that the Kusak’s excelled at is a dying art. It is called free-hand stone wheel engraving, meaning every single mark on the crystal is done by hand. It requires a level of artistry and craftsmanship that is becoming less and less common with the rise of big box stores and machine-made glass.
      The Kusak’s had to stop producing free-hand engraved crystal a few years ago due to this change in the market. While we are heartbroken that their crystal will no longer be produced, we feel extremely lucky to partner with the Kusak family and sell a collection of Kusak Crystal that was crafted and amassed over many decades. 
      We have the opportunity to give some of their iconic glassware another life! You can now be part of the history of Kusak Cut Glass Works as you enjoy your beautiful crystal and hopefully pass it on to yet another generation one day.
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